Project Type: Evaluation, Design, and Construction Administration 

The Vital Structure: 

Building Façade & Door Leak Repairs With Deck Replacement


Vital Structures was retained to perform the evaluation, design and limited controlled construction administration for repairs related to reported leaks above the sliding glass doors of Unit 27C/D during rain events.   

water damaged exterior wood wall sheathing at rising wall roof interface
localized area of water damaged roof framing


The exterior walls of the four-story building were clad with red cedar, painted clapboard siding and solid PVC trim, over Tyvek underlayment.  Aluminum step flashing was observed to be incomplete, and improperly terminated over the Tyvek underlayment allowing water penetration into the exterior wood wall systems.   


The sliding doors openings were improperly flashed and missing door sill pans.  The lack of door sill flashings and poorly installed balcony ledger board flashing resulted in water infiltration, and saturated/rotted door frames, wall sheathing and floor framing rim joist members.  The aluminum cap flashings above the PVC trim and wall penetrations were improperly terminated allowing water infiltration into the wall systems causing similar wood structure damage.  Localized areas of wood roof framing were damaged by poorly terminated aluminum step flashing.




    Our Solution

    Our design for the façade and leak damage repairs included removal of the wood framed balcony decks with PVC trim, deck boards and railings.  Portions of the asphalt roof shingles, façade trim work, siding, and underlayment in the 4-story area of the building was removed.  Areas of damaged wood sheathing wall, floor and roof wood framing members were removed and replaced along with areas of saturated fiberglass batt insulation.

    Areas of adjacent roof shingles were installed with new ice & water membrane underlayment, properly lapped, and terminated into the new vapor permeable, weather resistant wall barrier system with manufacturers system warranty.  New roof shingles, with properly terminated aluminum step flashings, sliding doors with aluminum pan flashings, new pre-primed and painted red cedar siding with PVC trim boards were installed.  New pressure treated wood-framed balcony structures were designed by Vital Structures.  The new balcony framing included engineered, code compliant deck framing connections and new continuous ledger flashings integrated into the new façade weather resistant wall barrier membrane.  New PVC deck boards, trim and railing systems were installed at the balconies.

      new wall and floor framing members installed at exterior wall areas
      completed facade and exterior balcony deck replacement


      The comprehensive repairs to the building façade, including associated roof areas, door replacement with flashings and new framed balcony structures resolved the reported leak issues within the Unit, saving the Owner from future expenses from damages to personal property and finishes caused by water infiltration. The improved waterproofing detailing of the new design will also prevent future damage to structural framing and extend the life of the facility.

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