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Storage tanks can hold a variety of things, including water for drinking, agricultural irrigation, plant watering, livestock, fire suppression, stormwater detention, storage, food preparation, chemical manufacturing and more. Whether these tanks are made from concrete, plastic, steel or fiberglass, they can eventually leak due to age and wear.

Vital Structures LLC is a tank restoration consulting firm that works on all tank types, including concrete and water storage. Our restoration and repair services will bring your tank back to its original integrity level. When our tank restoration engineers assess your tank, they’ll look at the cause of its structural issues, not just the symptoms. With this dedication, we provide a permanent fix to the problem and prevent it from happening again.

We provide engineering consultation for concrete tank restoration in Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont.

Concrete Tank Restoration and Repair

Concrete tanks can experience leaks for several reasons. Factors that can contribute to leaks include:

  • Shifting soil beneath the tank.
  • The freeze-thaw cycle of extreme weather conditions.
  • Roots from trees and shrubs planted too close to the structure.
  • An overflow system where water sits around the tank’s base.
  • Irregular and/or inadequate maintenance.

Common signs that your storage tank needs repair include:

  • Unusual changes in the liquid’s volume in the tank.
  • Signs of leakage around the tank.
  • Visible cracks, spalls or corrosion on the tank’s surface.

Vital Structures LLC has engineers that are professionals at diagnosing underlying issues with concrete tanks. We are confined-space certified, so our concrete tank repair engineers have the training necessary to safely inspect the confined spaces of tanks. Before your contractors begin any repair work, they will drain, clean and dry the tank. Abrasive or hydro-demolition methods blast and clean surfaces to remove old coatings, dirt and contaminants. Once they’ve prepared and inspected the tank, we may recommend one of these design approaches for concrete tank restoration:

  • Hydro-Demolition: Hydro-demolition is a concrete demolition technique that uses high-pressure water to remove deteriorated concrete to sound substrate while cleaning reinforcing steel. This removal solution is safe and controlled, allowing the better parts of the tank to be preserved.
  • Wet Process Shotcrete: Shotcrete is a high-strength and rapid repair method. We follow the wet process, which consists of mixing all ingredients before introducing the delivery hose and compressed air.
  • Liquid-Applied Membrane Liners: Coatings and tank linings are heavy-duty and flexible to remedy tank issues effectively. Many liners are made from fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP), a composite polymer material. This lining is pressed into place and provides corrosion resistance and thermal insulation for the tank.
  • Structural Crack Repair: Repair solutions for structural cracks include epoxy liquid injection, surface-applied carbon-fiber composites, pinning or stitching, as well as hydro-active grout injection for waterproofing fissures.

What We Do 

Vital Structures LLC follows this three-step process for concrete tank repairs: 

  1. Our concrete tank repair engineers inspect the concrete to determine the cause of the issue, supported by destructive testing and petrographic examination to provide accuracy.
  2. We identify the problem based on the inspection and testing.
  3. We prepare a comprehensive design to include structural repair requirements inclusive of reinforcement, relining, waterproofing and protection systems.
  4. Vital Structures LLC will oversee the owner’s contractor to verify that the construction meets the requirements of the design.

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