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vWhen you notice mold, cracks or watermarks on your building’s foundation walls, that’s a clear sign that moisture may be harming your foundation. Negative side waterproofing may not have helped. The most important step you can take now is determining the potential scope and causes of any damage. Addressing the symptoms is not enough to prevent additional issues.

A situation like this calls for expertise from a foundation structural engineer. Structural engineers receive extensive training to examine the internal and external elements of a building for support. These professionals specialize in building safety, understanding the welfare of residents and workers is the priority.

At Vital Structures LLC in Boston, we’re experts in answering the questions that moisture poses because we’ve served clients throughout New England for years. We’re passionate about what we do, and we don’t believe in a stopgap approach. We attack every job head-on, beginning with a comprehensive foundation waterproofing evaluation.

What Is a Structural Engineer Foundation Investigation?

A structural engineer foundation inspection is a thorough evaluation of your building’s support system. Engineers assess each component of the foundation’s structure inside and out, apply proven testing methods to identify issues and design a complete plan to remedy the situation.

The Investigation Process

During the inspection process, your engineer will examine internal support systems within the foundation. They’ll look for evidence of excess shifting, like ill-fitting windows or vents. If internal cracks are present, they’ll assess potential dangers that could arise. Externally, your engineer will check for evidence of structural decay, such as the physical crumbling of concrete, and analyze areas where buckling or bulging appear.

The Testing Process

Depending on the results of the visual inspection, an engineer has several testing tools at their disposal to diagnose the causes of structural moisture issues more accurately. 

Material testing helps engineers identify how much pressure any individual construction material can withstand. Destructive testing — like that performed by Vital Structures — is more complex and yields actionable data. In destructive testing, your engineer observes the conditions under which the material fails to get a complete understanding of the problem. Field testing allows your engineer to test materials in real-time, outside of a controlled lab setting, to better understand how those components perform in your environment.

The Resolution Process

Once your Vital Structures engineer gathers the data resulting from testing, they’ll use various analysis tools to develop a complete picture that identifies the source of the issue, not just the symptoms. Armed with that information, your engineer designs a comprehensive solution to fix it. You can then locate qualified contractors in Boston or throughout New England who are licensed and registered to carry out the work. Vital Structures will work with your contractor and oversee the project to ensure each step of the plan is executed correctly.

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Vital Structures LLC provides thorough foundation waterproofing inspections for commercial & industrial buildings. We proudly serve Boston and the greater New England area. Our knowledgeable, experienced structural engineers will diagnose the root causes of issues, develop a plan to solve them and administer the resolution process for your security. Contact a professional team member to get started today.


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