Facade Ordinance Inspections

Facade Ordinance Inspections In Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont

Facade Ordinance Inspections

Vital Structures LLC conducts Boston facade ordinance inspections inclusive of ordinance certification, evaluation, condition assessments and capital funding study to identify and address potential fall hazards and water infiltration conditions in your structure’s exterior walls. Upon completion of the facade ordinance review, we can further assist with coordinating contractor support to resolve fall hazard conditions and to complete temporary repairs. We can also assist with in-depth facade evaluation inclusive of destructive testing, preparation of design documents for repairs, bid assistance and construction administration services. Our facade ordinance engineers inspect various types of buildings, including office buildings, industrial and commercial structures, condominiums and apartment buildings.

When Vital Structures LLC performs facade evaluations, we’ll look at the cause — not just the symptoms — of your building issues. With our dedication to finding the root of the problem, we work hard to provide a permanent solution that will prevent the issue from returning in the future, not just a temporary fix. Schedule a facade ordinance evaluation with us if your building has cracks, displacement, leaks, material deterioration or corrosion.

We provide facade ordinance inspection in Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont.


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Facade Ordinance

Facade ordinance inspections look at a building’s exterior to identify unsafe conditions that could injure people or damage property. You need to perform these inspections regularly to quickly recognize and repair issues before they can cause serious harm. Boston facade ordinance laws specify that high-rise structures (more than 70 feet tall) or buildings 35,000 cubic feet or more must be inspected by a registered architect or engineer every five years. If the building is unoccupied, yearly inspections are required.

Our facade ordinance engineers will inspect qualifying buildings in the Boston area and throughout New England. We’ll visually inspect facades 125 feet or less using binoculars, review from adjacent elevated structures, or include drone video. For facades over 125 feet, we will perform a close-range visual evaluation with at least one drop per facade. Our facade ordinance evaluations will look for:

  • Gaps, cracks or splits in the facade that water could permeate.
  • Loose, cracked, missing or damaged facade elements that could fall off the building.
  • Water staining and cracking on the interior walls.
  • Efflorescent in the facade can signify water infiltration.
  • Stained or discolored facade elements.
  • Loose or poorly fastened signage, lighting, metal cladding or other anchored items.

What We Do

Vital Structures LLC follows a specific and thorough process for our facade ordinance evaluation service. Our professionals will inspect your building’s facade, following your city’s guidelines. If required, we’ll do destructive and material ground testing to gain a more in-depth understanding of your structure’s needs. We’re one of few companies located in the Boston area that offers this service.

Our facade ordinance engineers will use our testing and investigation findings to diagnose your facade issues. After you hire qualified contractors and staff to complete the necessary remediation work, we will supervise the necessary work until your project is complete to make sure you get the best results from a quality repair.

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Vital Structures LLC is the business to call when you need your routine facade inspection. We’ll identify the cause of your problem and the best repair solution to get the job done right the first time. Our team has several years of experience with facade evaluations, building envelope and structural engineering that you can rely on.

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