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Plaza Deck, Balcony and Parking Garage Waterproofing In Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont

Remedial Waterproofing Specialists In Boston, MA

Waterproofing is essential to maintaining your building’s long-term vitality and integrity. Unfortunately, all buildings face the threat of the elements over time, and issues such as mold and mildew begin to arise. Waterproofing saves you money by preventing flooding and water damage before these things can begin. Waterproofing is about more than protecting your building’s strength — it also safeguards your employees’ and customers’ health. At Vital Structures LLC, we provide waterproofing for balconies, garages, plaza decks and commercial buildings.

Throughout our history, we’ve worked on apartments, condos, offices and a plethora of other industrial and commercial buildings. Our experts go above and beyond with fixing building issues, and they know how to get straight to the source so your project is done right the first time.

Plaza Deck Waterproofing in New England

Since plaza decks can sit above and below grade, their positioning can make them a challenge when waterproofing. They are particularly vulnerable to damage from water and freezing but are frequently excluded from exterior waterproofing during the initial building process. Waterproofing plaza decks require a deep understanding of their material construction, and Vital Structures is prepared to find the right method for you.

We specialize in enhancing plaza decks, waterproofing the transition between vertical planters and performing horizontal waterproofing. We have the expertise and connections necessary to waterproof plazas constructed using concrete, metal and wood, so you’ll be covered no matter your deck’s configuration. We provide professional plaza deck waterproofing inspections in Boston and throughout New England.

Balcony Restoration Engineers 

The precarious constructions and locations of terraces and balconies require thorough waterproofing solutions to ensure they can continue bearing weight safely. You should waterproof your balcony well and continue having it inspected for safety even afterward.

Before we start waterproofing your balcony, we thoroughly assess your structure’s current condition and analyze joint consistency, the state of the flooring elements and any breakages or cracks in the structure. We then determine whether the entire system requires another round of waterproofing or if restoration is an option.

Parking Garage Waterproofing

Parking garages are uniquely difficult structures to waterproof due to the damaging emissions they must withstand on a daily basis. From the outdoor elements to harsh gasoline and oils, many different factors eat away at your garage’s structure. That’s why Vital Structures LLC focuses on creating low-maintenance garage waterproofing solutions for parking garages. No matter your garage’s size, we’ll design a custom waterproofing solution that helps your structure weather the elements and stand strong. 

Grout Injection in Massachusetts and New England

Waterproofing is essential for maintaining your foundation’s integrity and preventing damage to your valuables. To evaluate and prepare your space for waterproofing, Vital Structures performs a comprehensive engineering evaluation that includes the following:

  • Test pits
  • Soil testing
  • Material testing
  • Geotechnical engineering
  • Site and foundation drainage systems
  • and more

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