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Building Cladding Assessments In Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont

Building Cladding

Vital Structures LLC offers building cladding assessment services for various structure types, including engineering for weatherproofing & protective exterior wall systems from its initial phases through completion. We work on multiple building types, including industrial and commercial facilities, offices, apartment buildings and condominiums. Our cladding engineers in Boston look for the cause of the structural and weatherability issues, not just the symptoms. Our level of thoroughness means that we address the underlying cause to prevent issues from reoccurring in the future.

We provide building cladding assessment services in Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont.

Building Cladding Assessment

Building cladding includes the components attached to the building’s primary structure, forming the external surface. These parts include materials like brick veneer systems, metal paneling, storefront and curtain wall systems and custom fabricated rainscreens. Building cladding serves several purposes, such as resisting snow and wind loads, providing privacy and security, preventing sound transmission, generating an airtight building envelope and more.

Engineering evaluation and analysis of building cladding and veneer systems are critical to understanding thermal movement, joint system design, structural load relief, weatherproofing and water intrusion. Intrusions are areas where water has gotten into the building’s structure, damaging the exterior sheathing or structural components. Building cladding engineers can identify areas that entrap moisture or have delamination from environmental stress.


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Building Rainscreen Design

A rainscreen protects the structure from the effects of moisture. This weather-facing surface is on the exterior wall and stands off the moisture-resistant surface. Rainscreens keep moisture out, while they also have a small gap that allows water to drain in addition to offering positive ventilation. The rainscreen also protects the interior wall from air pressure variation, ultraviolet sun rays and severe weather conditions. If the rainscreen is damaged, structure rainscreen restoration will resolve this material so it can continue protecting your building.

What We Do

Our cladding engineers in Boston oversee various tasks involving your structure’s building cladding. Our different services include:

  • Testing: We will conduct destructive and material testing to achieve a comprehensive evaluation of your structure. This testing allows us to fully understand the issues with your building cladding and identify a solution that will achieve long-lasting results. Destructive testing is essential to Vital Structures LLC and is an important part of understanding what your building needs.
  • Investigation: Our engineers will evaluate your building cladding and rainscreen to identify the cause of your problem. We’ll document what we find so that you can understand your building’s condition.
  • Diagnosis: Based on our tests and evaluation results, we’ll diagnose your cladding issues and identify the best solution.
  • Bid Assist: Vital Structures LLC will assist you with finding qualified and experienced contractors to complete your rainscreen or exterior wall restoration project.
  • Overseeing: We’ll oversee the building cladding work through its completion for quality assurance.

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With our building cladding assessment, we’ll identify and help resolve issues with your building’s exterior material to protect it from moisture and structural/environmental distress. Get in touch with our building cladding engineers today. Call 508-279-0655 or contact us online.


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