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Structural Engineering Services In Boston, MA

At Vital Structures LLC, our structural engineers have experience working on a variety of structures, including high-rises, mid-rises, office buildings, commercial, institutional, industrial, utilities, apartments and condominium/residential buildings. Additionally, our structural expertise extends to coastal seawalls, flood-resistant design, retaining walls, parking garage restoration, concrete repair and forensics and building renovation. Our services are focused on sustaining the livelihood and well-being of your critical structures so that your architecture and its function can tell the story it was designed to tell. Vital Structures LLC examines the cause of issues — not just the symptoms — to ensure that your structural renovation is done right the first time.

Vital Structures LLC Structural Engineering Services

Our team of engineers is dedicated to preserving the health and safety of your building while improving the structure to make it as sound as possible. Our building evaluation engineers will complete a thorough investigation of your structure and determine the root causes of your building’s deterioration. We diversify building materials and their applied sciences so that your construction will be more functional, safe and long-lasting. At Vital Structures LLC, we offer the following structural engineering services:

  • Restoration: Vital Structures LLC has extensive experience with building restoration on the architecture of any age. Our engineers are dedicated to preserving your building’s spirit and original architectural vision while giving it the sound support of a contemporary structure. We anticipate restoration problems before they arise, so you’ll have an accurate cost estimate and an understanding of what restorations are necessary. Building facade restoration, including stabilization and seismic anchoring and glass fiber reinforced polymers, helps maintain the historic and original aesthetic while upgrading the building exterior.
  • Structural Strengthening: With structural strengthening, you can reinforce your facility with modern construction techniques that will allow its beauty to stand for years to come. For structural strengthening, Vital Structures LLC includes the latest technologies and applications, including carbon-fiber, fiber-reinforced polymers, cementitious, and grout/epoxy injection technologies to strengthen and preserve your building’s core.
  • Forensics and Analysis: As forensic structural engineers located in Boston, Massachusetts, we can determine the root causes of structural failures. Our forensic engineering process will give you the insight necessary to determine the cause of construction failure and ability to engineer the appropriate approach to rebuild the structure stronger than before.
  • Foundations: Revive your historic buildings and resolve your settling structures with a foundation upgrade or repair that ensures their stability so your business can build a strong future.


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Our Engineering Process

Our structural forensics engineers in Massachusetts begin the engineering process with a thorough building evaluation, analysis and diagnosis of your building’s structure to determine potential points of weakness, deterioration or distress. Unlike many of our competitors, we offer destructive testing, material testing and geotechnical engineering sub-consultants, which gives you the chance to know exactly what’s going on inside your building. We’ll then work with you to plan and prepare for whatever structural work your architecture requires, including choosing the proper staffing and consultants for your project. Along the way, we’ll carefully oversee your job site to ensure its smooth progression and construction integrity.

Improve Your Building’s Integrity With Vital Structures LLC

At Vital Structures LLC, we’ve committed ourselves to finding the root cause of your building’s structural issues so that you can build back stronger and more beautiful than ever. From commercial roofing and waterproofing to structural strengthening, we can help you improve your architecture while preserving your original facade. We’re dedicated to getting the job done right the first time so you can save time and money in the long term. To learn how we can assist you with strengthening and enhancing your building’s structure, contact us online or call us at 508-279-0655.

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