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At Vital Structures LLC, we specialize in remedial and commercial waterproofing to keep the integrity of your building safe from water damage for years to come. Providing waterproofing services in Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont, Vital Structures serves the New England area of the United States. Whether you’re building a new structure or need to extend the life of your historic architecture, waterproofing can save you a great deal of money in the future by stopping damage before it starts.

Vital Structures LLC provides waterproofing evaluation, testing, forensics, design and construction administration services for utility structures, tunnels, plaza deck systems, parking garages, office buildings, industrial and commercial buildings, tanks, seawalls, mechanical and foodservice rooms, balcony systems and many more structures.

Our Waterproofing Inspection and Restoration Services

The Vital Structures LLC waterproofing inspection process starts with a thorough diagnosis of your property with supportive testing that allows us to create a waterproof design to enhance your building’s resilience. Once construction starts, we’ll carefully review ongoing work to help verify that the finished product meets our design intent. From on-site engineers to our inter-office technical design experience, we have you covered.

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    Vital Structures LLC offers the following types of waterproofing services:


    • Remedial: We provide remedial waterproofing services that augment or update your internal and external waterproofing systems. Too many times we see remedial waterproofing design and construction applications cause structural distress to a foundation or wall system.   As licensed structural engineers, we perform the necessary analysis and comprehensive field investigation to verify that existing support elements are capable of sustaining hydro-static and buoyancy uplift forces prior to recommending a remedial waterproofing approach.  Intricate and specialty foundation waterproofing including underground utility/tunnel and plaza deck waterproofing systems can often present challenges, however, Vital Structures can assist with the necessary comprehensive evaluations and design services for a long-term resolution.
    • Foundation: Though concrete is tough, it’s not immune to moisture.  Today’s concrete chemistry can be complex and can be modified to meet the various demands of various exposure and environmental condition.  Vital Structures LLC offers concrete waterproofing to preserve the integrity of your building and prevent problems, with the inclusion of blind-side, negative side, positive side, and integral waterproofing systems; as well as remedial surface-applied coatings.   Drainage systems, hydro-static pressure, and buoyancy uplift are often overlooked in a waterproofing system, however, Vital Structures evaluates each project for their specific exposure and needs for a long-lasting project service life.
    • Plaza Decks: Since plaza decks consist of a variety of materials, systems, environments and use, they require unique waterproofing applications.  Our waterproofing designs include an all-inclusive system approach, involving structural behavior analysis, energy efficiency, dewpoint analysis, drainage, thermal movement, and options to satisfy the use and live load capacity demands of the plaza.
    • Coatings And Flooring:  One of the most common and costly water/moisture-related issues resides in floor coating and floor system failures.  Although groundwater and moist earth sub-base conditions can be a concern with the performance of flooring and coatings, vapor drive with air pressure differentials including relative humidity, slab movement, and alkalinity of concrete slabs can cause a floor system, coating, or tile application to experience considerable problems.  Today’s coatings and flooring systems are complicated, and their materials needing to meet a multitude of environmental and health standards. Vital’s team can assist with the necessary evaluation, testing, and design to resolve problematic conditions, often including the need for moisture mitigation systems, under-slab drainage, high-performance sealed vapor barrier systems, or structural slab application to accommodate waterproofing systems.
    • Parking Garages, Seawalls, Tanks, Balconies, Basements and Cooling Tower Waterproofing: The concrete in structures such as garages, cooling towers, seawalls, tanks, balconies and basements makes them susceptible to rain, floods, and groundwater influences.  Additionally, these structures are often exposed to vehicular fluids and chemicals.  Deicing salts, carbon dioxide, ice damage, mechanical impact, snow removal processes, chemical treatment and severe environmental exposure both above grade and below will often demand different chemistry in waterproofing materials, systems, and resilience.   It is important to understand the needs of each individual project through comprehensive evaluation and testing to achieve a suitable resolution for your structure’s waterproofing needs.

    The Importance of Waterproofing in New England

    Waterproofing helps transform the exterior, foundation, and lower levels of your building facilities and protects them from moisture damage. Through proper waterproofing including water management, you can protect your interiors from unpredictable weather events, natural disasters, chemical and environmental attacks and seepage. Waterproofing is also essential to preventing health concerns such as certain organic growth, which releases spores in the air and can lead to detrimental health effects. Waterproofing isn’t just about protecting our building — it’s about protecting yourself.

    The building waterproofing process consists of creating and installing a protective barrier that prevents water from entering your structure. Popular waterproofing options include bentonite clay, fluid-applied membranes, coatings, integral concrete admixtures, hydro-active grout for soil and structure applications, hybrid solutions, specialty joint systems, and sheet systems. With our extensive years of experience and manpower, we can design and find a solution completely tailored to your space.

    Waterproofing Engineers From Vital Structures Inc.

    New England exposes our structures to a “severe exposure” condition.  Vital Structures LLC is your source for premier waterproofing engineers in New England. We’ll help you keep your buildings functional, safe and long-lasting. We have the power and expertise necessary to renovate and revitalize your properties to their former glory with the added stability of 21st-century technology. Contact us to learn more about our waterproofing solutions today.


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