Building Restoration Services

Building Restoration Services In Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont

Building Restoration Services

At Vital Structures LLC, we specialize in structural strengthening and reinforcing commercial buildings to help prevent structural damage from factors like weather, age, corrosion and deterioration, change or use and poor construction. When your structure requires restoration, Vital Structures LLC will help you restore your commercial buildings to their former glory with structural strengthening and reinforcement. We can also assist you with upgrades to your structure and building envelope to meet the requirements of the current building code and industry standards. You’ll be just as confident in your building’s integrity as you are in your products and services. 

We do more than address your structure’s symptoms — we investigate your building’s issues to find the root cause for a long-term fix. Vital Structures LLC believes in holistically analyzing every building and getting right down to the beating heart of your structure. Whether you’re restoring a contemporary building or a piece of history, we have the healing touch necessary to bring your structures back to life and prevent issues threatening your building’s health.

Structural Restoration in New England

Structural and building envelope restoration involves many systems, materials, and components. With our comprehensive engineering evaluation, we can better apply options for upgrading, protecting, strengthening and replacing systems or portions of your building. This restoration process may consist of replacing or augmenting deteriorated structural elements, including concrete, steel, timber, wood, stone, masonry, fiberglass, aluminum, carbon fiber and more. Concrete restoration and waterproofing are also integral components of structural restoration and can prevent your building from fundamental threats for years.

Vital Structures LLC offers restoration solutions including but not limited to complete foundation repair, below-grade waterproofing, remedial waterproofing, concrete restoration and protection, building facade improvements, exterior weather-proofing, commercial roofing, plaza deck systems and structural restoration throughout New England. Whether you need to update your parking structure, plaza deck, tunnel or below-grade construction, we can transform your structure to its former glory and save you money in the long run.

Structural Reinforcement and Strengthening

Our structural strengthening services make your structures stronger and help them last longer, thanks to the expertise of our experienced professionals and our high standards for quality control. We help you strengthen your structure so it’s entirely up to code, resistant to future deterioration and ready to face the elements. We perform the following structural strengthening solutions and applications:

  • Concrete Slab Buoyancy and Hydrostatic Resistance.
  • Concrete Repair and Protection.
  • FRP & Carbon Fiber Reinforcement
  • The resolve of Low Concrete Strength
  • Pipe, Tunnel and Utility Structure Rehabilitation
  • Seismic Upgrades
  • Structural Steel Strengthening
  • Blast Resistant & Security Reinforcements

Vital Structures provides structural strengthening in Boston and throughout New England.


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The Vital Structures Structural Strengthening Process

The Vital Structures process begins with a thorough evaluation of your property, where we diagnose your structural issues and create a plan to enhance your building. If necessary, we conduct destructive testing in the planning phase, which gives us a much more thorough look into your building structure than the competition could achieve. We then police the project during construction to guide its smooth progression and make sure the end product exactly matches your agreed-upon plans.

Historic Building Restoration From Vital Structures LLC

Vital Structures is a comprehensive engineering consultant who can help complete your project from feasibility and evaluation through construction administration. When you partner with our engineers, you’ll save money in the long run and fully protect your building from elemental and age-related distress. Protect your structure’s integrity with building restoration and strengthening services from Vital Structures LLC.

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