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Seawall and Retaining Wall Inspections in Massachusetts & Beyond

Retaining walls allow your structures to avoid soil erosion and sliding and keep nearby buildings safe. Vital Structures LLC specializes in the evaluation, design and construction oversight for restoration or replacement of retaining walls and design for augmentation of failing walls via several optional support systems to promote future stability. If your retaining wall has started to crack, bow or show signs of horizontal movement and pressure, it may be time to consider getting it repaired.

At Vital Structures, we do more than just look at the symptoms associated with your structural issues. We get directly to the root cause to offer a permanent solution and save you the most money in the long run. Your structural problems won’t reoccur when you hire Vital Structures to do things right the first time.

Concrete Seawall Repair in New England

Seawalls protect the integrity of waterfront properties and help keep water far away from your foundation and interior. The massive size of seawalls can make them difficult to maintain, but thankfully, regularly repairing vulnerable seawall panels can prevent large-scale damage to the majority of the wall and your home itself. We specialize in engineering consultation for the repair or replacement of seawalls so you can protect your home and structures from the threat of age and weathering from the elements. 

How to Tell a Seawall Needs to Be Repaired

There are many signs that your concrete seawall may soon require repairs. Have you begun to see cracks or sections of concrete segregating from the wall substrate, thereby exposing the underlying steel reinforcement? Visible rust stains are another sign that your walls may be corroding and the rebar inside is becoming damaged.

There exist several signs of seawall or retaining wall distress, including cracking, lateral displacement, footing undermining or scour, expansion joint failure and severe concrete deterioration, affecting accelerated steel and reinforcing corrosion. Soil instability, poor wall and soil drainage, excessive surcharge loading,shoreline-related corrosion and New England environmental and climate influences can all greatly affect the integrity and life span of your walls. We provide the necessary engineering consultation required to keep your wall systems functional and safe in Boston and across New England.

seawall apron slab and wood water

Retaining Wall Repair Engineers From Vital Structures

Retaining walls help segment landscapes and laterally support soil. Our retaining wall investigation services in Massachusetts and throughout New England restore your retaining wall to its former glory and keep your property safe from the threat of erosion. Before beginning the retaining wall repair process, we thoroughly examine your existing wall geometry, stability, load-carrying capacity and the extent of existing deterioration, and drainage systems to make sure it doesn’t downslope due to gravity, hydro-static forces, surcharge loading, soil settling and scour effects.

Vital Structures inspects, analyzes and restores piling, cantilever and anchored walls. No matter your retaining wall’s age, material or design, we have the expertise necessary to get to the root of your construction problem and oversee the entire repair process.

Get Your Retaining Wall Inspected By Structural Engineers At Vital Structures LLC

When your seawall or retaining wall starts showing signs of bowing, cracking or general aging, it’s time to call an expert. Vital Structures has extensive experience with analyzing the integrity of seawalls and retaining walls to prevent hydro-static forces, surcharge loading, soil settling, scour effects and age from damaging them and restore them to their original glory. We oversee the entire process, from evaluation, feasibility study, material testing, geotechnical consultation, design, bid assistance and construction oversight, to verify that your wall systems are viable candidates for restoration, or if wall replacement or structural stabilization may be required instead.

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