Dear Clients & Colleagues: 


When I became President of Noblin & Associates, LLC,  I had a vision for a new kind of firm.

I envisioned a firm with which clients would love to work and employees loved to work for.  It would be a place where great people could help great clients keep their facilities safe, productive, and long-lasting.

Clients would choose to work with us because they shared our vision and passion for getting to root causes, fixing things right the first time, and never cutting corners. Our clients would see their facilities as vital to their livelihood, operational performance, and reputations. They would be pragmatic businesspeople and long-term thinkers.

As a firm, we would add value and build trust by:

  • Demonstrating our competence through tangible results.
  • Acting and speaking with integrity and transparency.
  • Communicating with clarity.
  • Offering viable solution options.
  • Moving with a sense of urgency.
  • Being easy to deal with.

I understood that we would take the best of Noblin and start anew; building our new company one interaction at a time, one project at a time, one client at a time—brick by brick.

The cornerstone of this new firm is our culture, an intense boots-on-the-ground ethos that takes pride in being in the trenches. The superstructure is a potent and purposeful combination of structural engineering, building envelope technology, and material science woven into seamless expertise that looks at structures in a new way.  The name Vital Structures is the firm’s capstone that articulates our shared vision of keeping facilities, safe, productive, and long-lasting.


Let’s do something vital together.


David A. Morand, P.E., SECB


David A. Morand, P.E., SECB

David A. Morand, P.E., SECB



As the new leader of Vital Structures, Mr. Morand manages the overall operations and resources of the firm, provides inspired leadership company-wide, and develops and implements our strategic plans.

As an engineer, Mr. Morand is a Licensed Structural Engineer with thirty-plus years of structural engineering, building technology, and construction experience in the commercial, industrial, institutional, educational, shoreline, military, biosciences, and residential markets. 

He is the past President of the Structural Engineers Association of Massachusetts, Certified with the Structural Engineering National Certification Board, an Officer with the Massachusetts Architects & Engineers Emergency Response Task Force, and past Vice President of the New England Chapter of the International Concrete Repair Institute.  

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