Commercial Roofing Inspection

Commercial Roofing Inspection In Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont

Commercial Roofing Inspection

Vital Structures LLC understands your roof is the one building component most prone to damage and failure. That’s why we specialize in roofing evaluation and infrastructure enhancement to keep your building in stellar condition. From historic buildings to new commercial infrastructure, we perform comprehensive roofing evaluations using destructive and electronic testing methods. By frequently getting your commercial roof reviewed, you can prevent costly damages in the future and save money.

At Vital Structures, we do more than put a band-aid on your structural and roofing issues — we attack them at the source. We perform destructive testing that allows you to understand exactly what’s going on with your structure and find problems that may have been brewing since your building was originally constructed. 

We have experience investigating condominiums, apartment complexes, office buildings and institutional or commercial and industrial buildings. Prepare your building for the future with a roofing investigation from Vital Structures.

Structural Roof Inspection

Commercial roofing evaluations are essential to prevent leaks and damage to your infrastructure and property. Even roofs that look perfectly maintained, with good PVC roof membranes, can suffer from internal damage or poor insulation practices. Protecting your roof involves more than safeguarding your infrastructure — it helps you keep your employees and clientele safe and healthy. Proper and complete engineering review will include structural load analysis, inclusive of snowdrift and ponding loads, as well as rooftop mechanical unit loading.

We can help you find where leaks are coming from before any roofing problems compound. Vital Structures also has extensive experience with roofing reviews for historic buildings. Our roofing investigation process uses destructive and electronic testing to help you find trapped moisture in your roof and replace your installation to prevent further problems.

Regardless of your roof’s age, we have an encyclopedic knowledge of historical construction to help us diagnose existing and potential problems with your roof and stop issues before they start.

Building Roof Repair and Replacement in Boston

Vital Structures LLC regularly performs engineering from evaluation through construction administration services for a total commercial roof replacement and/or repair. We work with the following types of roofs for repair and replacement:

  • Metal Roofs: The long life spans of metal roofs may make them durable, but that factor doesn’t mean you can forgo metal roofing condition assessments. We help you identify existing and potential problems with your metal roofs so you can rest assured that your exterior is protected from aging-related wear and tear and the elements.
  • Shingle Roofs: Shingle roofs require regular repair and replacement, especially after storms and as they age. We often find many installation errors, including improper underlayment, inadequate nailing and poor attic ventilation issues, which dramatically limit the life of your roof. Increase your shingle roof’s life span with a comprehensive roof evaluation from Vital Structures.
  • Rubber, PVC, Thermoplastic & Elvaloy Roofs: The durable and eco-friendly nature of rubber roofs can offer an economic option for budget-sensitive or low-exposure applications. However, these roof systems are not suitable for highly trafficked roofs or roofs that are subject to high exposure or chemical contact. PVC and Elvaloy roof membranes can add durability, chemical resistance, and resistance to high traffic or impact areas beyond that of rubber membranes.

Fall Arrest Considerations With Your Roof

Vital Structures LLC adheres to OSHA and ANSI FAll Arrest industry standards to help your roof system design include the necessary personal protection for permanent roof access, window wash applications and general maintenance. The structural engineers and roofing companies we work with are always high-quality to give our clients exactly what they’re looking for.


new renovation on rooftop enclosure

Vital Structures LLC Commercial Roofing Replacement

Whether you believe your structure may already require reroofing or you’re interested in testing your current roof’s integrity, Vital Structures LLC can help. We perform comprehensive reroofing analysis and roof testing for historic buildings and new constructions alike. If you desire, we can perform destructive testing so you can know the true condition of your building and have confidence in your next steps. We offer the following roofing analysis services:

  • Reroofing Analysis: Our experts can determine whether your contemporary or historical construction requires reroofing or how long the structure may last until it needs to be redone. Our on-site inspection consists of a general review of your roof’s external condition and a thorough analysis of your underside and existing roof system. Performing our structural analysis in concert with our building envelope evaluation provides you with a “one-stop” engineering solution, inclusive of current building code and industry-standard requirements.
  • Roof Testing: Our roof testing protocol can tell where your roof is watertight and where it could potentially leak. Whether we’re working with low-sloped or pitched roofs, we can determine your roofing’s structural weaknesses so you can solve them before they become unavoidable problems.

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Vital Structures LLC is a consulting engineer for commercial roofing investigations in Massachusetts. We go far beyond just studying your building’s symptoms — we identify problems at the source and make certain they don’t reoccur in the future. If you’re looking for a firm with the expertise and power necessary to get your job done right the first time, contact us online today for more information on our services.

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