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When you invest in concrete evaluation, restoration and protective systems for your deteriorating structures, we will guide you to achieve a long-lasting approach geared specifically towards your particular needs. Concrete has been the foundation of construction projects for centuries due to its strength and resilience. Even so, factors such as weather, environmental influences, chemical attack, age, fire damage and structural behavior can damage concrete over time. Through concrete restoration and concrete crack repair services, you can significantly extend the serviceable life of your structure and prevent further damage.

There are several methods for determining the strength and integrity of your concrete, as well as the needs of the concrete due to years of deterioration from mechanisms that are often overlooked by some professionals. Measures such as concrete slab relative humidity and vapor emission for flooring and coating applications, concrete petrographic analysis and chloride ion testing allow us to understand the health of the concrete and determine whether there’s an issue.

With this comprehensive approach, the appropriate design and material selection can help to avoid accelerated deterioration from misdiagnosis and improper materials. Protective systems such as high-performance coatings, galvanic anode protection and penetrating chemical treatment can be used to extend the serviceable life of your structure. This allows you to use your funds to directly address the cause of deterioration and save money in the long run. At Vital Structures LLC, our consultants and concrete engineers can help you determine the state of your concrete and what measures are necessary to extend its life span.


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Concrete Restoration Services in New England

From small-scale to industrial size projects, Vital Structures LLC will restore your concrete structure and help defend it from the elements in the future. We offer restoration and concrete repair for the following structures:

  • Tunnels: Much of today’s infrastructure depends on tunnels that have been around for decades. At Vital Structures LLC, we can restore concrete bridges and tunnels with added features such as waterproofing and structural strengthening or concrete repair so these structures will stand strong for years to come.
  • Parking garages: The demanding nature of parking garage use requires stable infrastructure that can handle hundreds of thousands of pounds. Over time, the weight and environmental exposure exhibited on the garage add up, and the concrete needs to be restored, reinforced and protected. Enhance the safety of your parking garage with concrete restoration from Vital Structures LLC.
  • Seawalls and Retaining walls: Over the years, seawalls and concrete retaining walls become weathered by the elements. They require regular upkeep and restoration. Because of the porous nature of concrete walls, they should be regularly restored in moisture-prone environments to ensure its integrity.
  • Tanks: Large, durable concrete tanks can also develop infrastructure damage that requires restoration. Vital Structures staff is confined-space certified and will assist you with evaluation, material testing and design to resolve your water storage or other tank restoration needs. Our restoration techniques include controlled hydro-demolition, wet-process shotcrete, liquid applied membrane liners and structural crack repair.
  • Precast systems: Precast concrete systems offer a cost-effective way to install concrete on a job site. Just like any concrete, precast systems require sealing, waterproofing, repair and reinforcement over time. We often see the very dense nature of precast concrete suffer from low durability in aggressively cold weather climates, including freeze-thaw cyclic damage. Take better care of your precast concrete with precast restoration services from Vital Structures LLC.

Trust Vital Structures LLC as Your Concrete Restoration Company in Boston

At Vital Structures LLC, we provide restoration services that will help keep your facilities functional, safe and efficient. A superior concrete restoration job from Vital Structures LLC will decrease the amount of necessary maintenance and extend the life span of your concrete. We’re committed to a boots-on-the-ground approach to restoration. Our team will provide you with in-depth consultation and services to substantially improve your system’s architecture.

After completing a thorough evaluation of your concrete structure, our concrete engineers will provide you with our diagnosis and proposed solution. If you choose to continue your partnership with us, we will hire concrete contractors to complete the concrete repair that your structure needs. Through the entire process, our engineers will be onsite overseeing the construction being completed.

Our concrete structural engineers are dedicated to getting your job done correctly the first time so you can have the integrity of a new structure with all the character and utility of a historic one. To learn more about concrete restoration and repair and how we can enhance the integrity of your structure, call us at 508-279-0655 or contact us online.

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