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A building’s envelope is essential to keeping out the elements and the structure’s integrity strong. Even the smallest amount of water leak or elemental infiltration can compromise the building’s envelope and supporting structural components if left unaddressed. Likewise, moisture-related breaches in the envelope can cause organic growth within the interior of the building, affecting the environment and worker health.

With Vital Structures LLC, you can stay one step ahead of the elements and protect the integrity of your building envelope to ensure it stands for years to come. When you invest in restoring your building envelope, you’re investing in a sustainable design solution that decreases long-term maintenance costs and improves energy efficiency.

Building Envelope Restoration Services In New England 

There are multiple approaches to strengthening building envelopes. Our building envelope consultants can apply the following techniques to significantly improve the weatherproof qualities of your building:

  • Roofing: There’s a high likelihood that your building’s roofing is the main threat to the integrity of the envelope. At Vital Structures LLC, we’ll improve the integrity of your roofing system, including ponding analysis, drainage augmentation, renewable energy retrofit and snowdrift analysis to help protect the roof structural system from overstress or failure. These improvements also prevent wind, water and mold from taking a toll on your building. We can facilitate roofing services such as commercial roof replacement, remedial waterproofing, garden roof systems, plaza decks and strengthening and repair.
  • Masonry and Stone: As masonry and stone facades begin to age, it becomes easier for the elements to seep in through the cracks. Additionally, the structural behavior of building facade supports and components, including thermal movement, can affect the weather resilience of these materials. Vital Structures LLC provides waterproofing services that preserve the beauty of your masonry and stonework while giving it an added line of defense against moisture.
  • Cladding and Rain Screens: In modern construction, rain screens can be the most effective cladding system for building envelopes. Rain screens help you save energy while providing you with additional thermal and acoustic insulation. Let Vital Structures LLC upgrade your energy efficiency and protect you against the elements with a new rain screen cladding system.
  • Fenestrations: Older windows and doors are notorious for letting out your energy and letting in moisture. Vital Structures LLC will help you outfit your building with new fenestrations with properly designed flashing and weatherproofing systems to keep your interior safe and keep your windows and doors beautiful for longer.
  • Façade ordinance: When face ordinances change or your façade requires additional restoration services to stay up to date, we’re ready to help. We coordinate the required vertical access, envelope contractor assistance, reporting, evaluation and design for repairs, as well as manage the construction administration with the city recertification process for your property to stay compliant.


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Building Enclosure Analysis & Restoration Process

The Vital Structures LLC restoration process begins with a building enclosure analysis, typically inclusive of in-situ test cuts and material testing, during which our building envelope engineers in Boston will examine as-built construction, building documentation and review sources of water infiltration and system failure. In addition to our regular consulting services, we offer supportive sub-consultation for destructive and material testing and document our results so you can see the state of your building envelope yourself. After determining which services your restoration project requires, a tailored and specific engineering design will follow, complete with bid assistance and support to help find qualified building envelope contractors for your specific needs. In an effort to maintain the consistency of quality assurance through the construction phase, we will oversee the construction to ensure its smooth progression to completion.

Trust Vital Structures LLC for Your Building Envelope Restoration Needs

Vital Structures LLC offers comprehensive building envelope services so you can protect your building envelope and ensure the integrity of your construction. Our team of building envelope specialists in Boston works to find the root cause of your building’s structural problems so we can preserve your building’s history and build it back stronger than ever.

If your building envelope needs to be restored or preserved, our team can make sure the job is done right the first time. Call Vital Structures LLC at 508-279-0655 or contact us online today.


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