Precast Concrete System Restoration

Precast Concrete System Restoration In Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont

Precast Concrete Restoration In Boston and Throughout New England

Precast concrete systems are created when you cast concrete into forms in a controlled factory environment and complete the curing process prior to shipping to the project site. This factory cast concrete section is transported to your building site and lifted into place, often within exterior or interior walls, roof systems, floor slabs and foundations. Precast concrete systems are a cost-effective and expedient concrete installation method. The pieces and reinforcement can cure properly, giving you better control over quality and craftsmanship. Over time, you may need precast concrete architectural repair due to wear, environmental-related deterioration, weathering, chemical attack or freeze-thaw cyclic damage.

Vital Structures LLC offers precast concrete system restoration in Massachusetts and throughout New England. Our team investigates your concrete structure to diagnose the precast concrete panel repairs your facility needs. We’ll identify the cause of your structural issues, not only the symptoms. We’re dedicated to finding the source of the problem, through engineering precast concrete evaluation including test pits, geotechnical engineering, soil & material testing, petrographic examination and destructive testing so that our diagnosis, proposed solutions and construction oversight prevent the issue from occurring again.

We serve Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont.

Precast Concrete Repair and Restoration

Conditions like the freeze-thaw cycle can affect precast concrete. Your concrete may require reinforcement, sealing, waterproofing and other repairs over time. Look out for common signs that your precast concrete is damaged:

  • Cracking and surface crazing
  • Chipping or spalling
  • Anchor failure
  • Rust staining or leaching
  • Stacking

Several factors can cause this damage:


  • Improper design
  • Drying shrinkage
  • Reinforcing placed without proper concrete cover
  • Poor concrete mix design
  • Limited concrete durability
  • Poorly designed structural anchorage
  • Thermal movement influences
  • Alkali aggregate reactivity

Vital Structures LLC has experience diagnosing and designing a plan to solve the issues in precast concrete systems. Once we’ve identified the problem with your precast concrete through our investigation, we may recommend:

  • Cosmetic Repair: Our precast concrete engineers can rework the existing surface of your building to eliminate visible damage. The texture and color of our new work will match your current surface, so your restored wall will look as good as the original. We complete many cosmetic repairs by treating perimeter joints and cracking with stone dusting of sealants.
  • Surface Preparation, Anchoring & Pinning: Identifying deficient concrete, anchors and reinforcement is critical. We use current industry standards such as ICRI and SSPC for proper specification of surface preparation, along with performing structural load analysis inclusive of gravity, lateral, stacking and thermal loads so that support anchors, adhesives and fasteners are adequate with the repair. Stainless steel pinning with mesh reinforcement often augments the precast concrete repairs to develop both mechanical and adhesive bonds.

What We Do

Vital Structures LLC has a thorough process for precast restoration in Boston and throughout New England. Our precast concrete system engineers follow an inspection process that efficiently determines the cause of the concrete problems. This process includes destructive testing, which helps us get a better understanding of your situation. As a company in Massachusetts that provides destructive testing, we’ll provide an accurate diagnosis of the underlying causes of your precast concrete issues.

We use the results from our comprehensive inspection and destructive testing to pinpoint the cause of the issues. Our team will recommend a repair solution, assist with project bidding and perform construction reviews throughout the process. Vital Structures LLC will periodically review ongoing construction in an effort to verify that the contractor’s work conforms to the design documents.

Choose Vital Structures LLC for Precast Concrete Inspection & Repair in New England

Vital Structures LLC specializes in precast concrete architectural and structural repair for structures in Boston and throughout Massachusetts and New England. Our company has several years of building envelope and structural engineering experience. Our team is dedicated to every project, and we’ll get the job done right the first time to address and solve all of your problems.

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