Project Type: Evaluation, and Design
The Vital Structure: 

Wood Framed Balcony Repairs & Egress Certification



Vital Structures LLC was retained by the owners for a repair project to extend the service life of their wood-framed second-floor balconies and stairs, to qualify the existing structures for a 5-year egress certification. Due to the busy hospitality season, repairs had tp be performed between the months of January and March 2023.


Vital Structures performed a comprehensive evaluation over two (2) days with vertical access and test-cut assistance by a qualified contractor. Several structural concerns were noted with the balconies and stairs, including rotted framing members, poor/failing connections, poorly secured guardrails, noncompliant railing heights, unsupported framing and overstressed members due to excessive spans. In addition to rot repairs, several balconies also required placement of additional posts





Vital Structures was contracted by the owner to provide a design for repairing the deteriorated wood-framed balconies. Repairs were required throughout due to the coastal Northeast facing exposure of the balconies. Corroded fasteners and connectors were replaced with stainless steel components. In addition to deterioration, several balconies required placement of additional support posts, bracing, railing posts, and complete replacement of one (1) egress stair.


Based upon our design, the owner’s hired contractor performed repairs to eighteen (18) balconies and two (2) stair structures to obtain a 5-year egress certification. Working with the Building Official and Historic Commission representatives, the existing railings were maintained by selectively replacing damaged railing materials, to avoid triggering historic commission review and potential upgrades to closed baluster systems.

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