Project Type: Evaluation, Design, and Construction Administration 
The Vital Structure: 

Low Slope Roof Replacements


Vital Structures was retained to perform the evaluation, design, and construction administration for the replacement of EPDM roofs, copper cornice and cladding of the main building and low roofs located at the front of the building. These systems were approaching the end of their expected service life, and previously reported to be leaking. Vital Structures also provided evaluation, design and construction administration services for the replacement of the roof top clerestory window units.

existing clerestory window
rotted wood framing at clerestory
standing water on roof


Existing roof leaks were determined to be caused by deficient flashing transitions at the interface of the main roof and masonry rising walls. The existing rooftop clerestory windows, flashing and associated wood framing were found to be severely deteriorated due to the long-term exposure to moisture.




Our Solution

Our design included a new 75 mil EPDM membrane and ½” high density coverboard installed atop new, energy code compliant roof top insulation system. Our new roof design also included replacement of the original copper cornice fascia around the perimeter of the roof and re-sealing of an existing terra-cotta parapet cap. Additionally, a new operable window for easy roof top access, new impact resistant skylights and insulated glass clerestory windows were installed as part of the project. New copper cladding was installed around each clerestory.

copper cornice roof gable
copper roof cladding at clerestory


The new roof system provides a new, thicker roof membrane than what was replaced. The new roof system also includes upgraded flashing details at the roof to wall transitions, with new mechanical terminations and copper counter flashings. Additionally, new clerestory window units and upgraded insulation thickness provide the building with greater energy efficiency. The original copper fascia was replicated to maintain the elegant building aesthetic. Access to roof-top mechanical equipment was made more easily accessible, due to the installation of the operable window unit in the existing stairwell.

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