Project Type: Evaluation, Design, and Construction Administration 
The Vital Structure: 

Pied Piper Condominiums, Wood-Framed Balcony Replacement and Structural Repairs


Vital Structures was retained by a Provincetown condominium association to replace several wood-framed exterior balconies and stairs. The building includes three (3) levels of wood-framed decks, egress stairs, landings and low-slope roofs with private roof-decks.


Vital Structures performed a comprehensive evaluation with Contractor-supplied vertical access and test-cut assistance. Several structural concerns were noted with the balcony structures, as well as widespread moisture infiltration and decay of the building exterior walls and low slope roof. The mixed-occupancy serves includes a restaurant, coffee shop, retail and several residential units in the heart of Provincetown. In addition to engineering/design requirements, the project included FEMA AE Flood Zone considerations, and underwent review by the local Conservation Commission and Historic District Commission.    


Vital Structures prepared design documents for replacement of the wood-framed balconies, stairs and extensive repairs to the building framing and foundations. The building was originally constructed in 1860 with numerous additions and modifications added with no available documentation.  Repairs to the building structure included replacement of post-and-beam framing with new laminated-veneer lumber (LVL) members, new wall framing, full re-framing of the low slope roof and reinforcing of hollow concrete masonry (CMU) foundations.


The projects successfully passed through the Conservation Commission and Historic Commission reviews, and construction was completed in a timely manner despite numerous unforeseen conditions and additional repairs. New siding, roofing, gutters, doors and windows were also required as part of the renovation.

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