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The Vital Structure: 

Parking Garage, Limited Garage Repairs- Cambridge, MA



Multiple drain covers, and components were observed to be deteriorated or broken with exfoliation from drain interior surfaces resulting in approximately 1/16” to 1/8” section loss. Various concrete surface spalls and wearing coating systems were observed throughout the garage with several areas of rusted/deteriorated galvanized steel deck. The garage traffic coating was also due for replacement in highly trafficked areas on Levels P1 through P3; specifically at drive lanes and turning areas.

Existing drain surfaces were rusted and deteriorated with dirt and debris built up within drain bowl


The drains throughout the parking garage exhibited failed sealants, corrosion and perimeter concrete deterioration. Debris and sediment within the drain bowl resulted in standing water within the bowls and failed standpipe clamps with deteriorated sealant joints resulted rusted and exfoliated conditions on the metal deck and drainpipes





Vital Structures developed design documents to replace drains with new cast iron traffic drains, new steel reinforced cast-in-place concrete encasements and heavy-duty traffic coating system for drive lanes. Vital Structures provided the following services:

  • Conducted visual evaluation with destructive test cuts to identify extents of drain deterioration/damage.
  • Determine limited systems repair options with summary evaluation report.
  • Prepared design documents including bid forms, general and supplemental conditions, technical specifications, typical repair/replacement details and technical notes.
  • Provided bid assistance to BMR based on a list of qualified, licensed, and insured contractors.
  • Revised submittals and shop drawings.
  • Provided construction administration services and a punch list review.



The design for new cast iron drain bowl with sediment catcher eliminated debris buildup within the drain bowl. New cast-in-place concrete encasement with steel reinforcement and hydrophilic water stops around the drain bowl topped with heavy duty traffic coating system provided watertight system and eliminated water infiltration into concrete substrate.

Drain repairs were completed in 2020 in the first year of a five-year phased coating replacement project. Traffic coatings have since been completed in a targeted approach, and are expected to continue through 2024.

Extensive concrete repairs, including full-depth repairs, were required in drive lane areas due to moisture infiltration and minimal concrete cover around reinforcing steel. Hydro-demolition was selected to ensure 100% removal of the existing traffic coatings.

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