• Project Type: Evaluation

 The Vital Structure: 

Office Building Atrium


Vital Structures was asked to perform an evaluation of an existing wood-framed atrium curtain wall.


Upon review of the structure via destructive test cuts, we noted severe deterioration and rot of the wooden structure. Our evaluation concluded that the windows in the curtain wall were poorly flashed and allowing water to infiltrate the structure, which ultimately resulted in rot. In addition to the extensive rot, we located a colony of carpenter ants, which had mined through many of the structural wood framing members.





We recommended that the rotted and insect infested framing be demolished and replaced with new, engineered lumber framing, including custom structural connectors for lateral force resolve. As such, we were contracted to provide a design for a new, wood framed atrium curtain wall system. The new framing would be complimented with new, properly flashed window units and composite exterior trim. Vital Structures performed limited construction administration throughout the project duration. 

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