Project Type: Evaluation, and Design

 The Vital Structure: 

Liberty Printing, CMU Wall Replacement Due to Vehicle Damage



Vital Structures was retained to perform a structural evaluation of the exterior CMU walls and wood roof framing after the west gable wall was struck by a vehicle.


With contractor assistance, test pits were dug at the exterior of the building to determine if the impact damaged or displaced the foundation. Additionally, sections of the interior ceiling were removed to observe existing conditions and confirm if the roof framing was damaged. Upon review, the existing unreinforced CMU foundation did not appear to be damaged, nor did the existing roof framing, however the existing roof framing was not properly secured to the existing wall as several anchor bolts were not engaged. The full length of the west wall was damaged, and part of the south wall was displaced.





Vital Structures provided design documents to remove and replace the above grade portion of the full length of the west wall, and a section of the north wall with new reinforced CMU. In addition, new wood bracing was added to the roof framing to provide lateral stability for the new wall.

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