Project Type: Evaluation, Design, and Construction Administration 
The Vital Structure: 

Glass Factory Condominiums


Elevator penthouse support beams appeared to be cracked and delaminated at several locations where pieces of spalled concrete have been observed on the new roof surfaces. Water infiltration into the concrete encasement through cracks caused the steel beams to corrode and spall the concrete.

structural damage on condominium
diagnosing the condominium structure
test cuts taken at spalled concrete locations


Cracks in the concrete encasement that had been poorly repaired in the past, allowed for an entry point for water and contaminants into the concrete encasement causing delamination, spalls, and corrosion to develop on the embedded steel beams.




Our Solution

Vital Structures performed an evaluation of the penthouse beams accompanied by an evaluation report with observations and recommendations. A design was then developed including concrete repair, steel and concrete coating galvanic anode protection, integral water stop systems and waterproofing details.

delaminated and spalled concrete encasement
rout and seal repairs delaminated concrete


100% Design Documents were provided to the client for concrete and steel enhancements/repairs of the elevator penthouse beams to be distributed to three (3) to five (5) qualified bidders.   The Owner’s elevator penthouse structural support system will achieve an extended serviceable life while reducing further damage to the building’s new roof system upon completion of the repairs. Although prior beam repairs have been applied as temporary maintenance applications only, long-term repairs will be required based upon our submitted design.

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