Project Type: Evaluation
The Vital Structure: 

Evaluation of Central Fire Station,  Concrete Repair and Remedial Waterproofing of Apparatus Bay Floor


  The Manchester Central Fire Station, located in downtown Manchester NH, serves as the primary location for the city’s Emergency and Rescue operations, as well as Training, Fire Prevention, Dispatch and Information Systems Departments. The Manchester Facilities Department retained Vital Structures to perform an evaluation with schematic design for replacement of the Apparatus Bay Floor waterproof coating.
Concrete spalls, past repairs, and failed sealants at entry slab


Structural drawings were not available, and only limited architectural layout drawings were available for the fire station. The Apparatus Bay Floor waterproof coating was reported to be around 20 years old at the time of the evaluation. Extensive coating failure, sealant failure, leaks and concrete delamination were noted in the evaluation, including leaks into training areas and administrative offices located in the basement below the Apparatus Bay Floor. Several areas of past repairs, and apparent material compatibility-related deterioration, were also noted throughout the Apparatus Bay floor.        


Vital Structures evaluated the apparatus bay slab from the first floor and basement levels, and prepared preliminary design documents for a restoration project including concrete repairs, sealant replacement, injection waterproofing and vehicular waterproof coating replacement. Our repair recommendations included the following:

  • Horizontal and overhead concrete spall repairs.
  • Replacement of sealants with vehicular traffic rated polyurea sealant.
  • Replacement of the Apparatus Bay traffic coating with a chemical-resistant cementitious urethane floor coating.
  • Infill of abandoned floor slab penetrations.
  • Repairs and coating at the exterior apron slab, including hydro active polyurethane grout injection waterproofing.
  • Repairs to floor area drains and trench drains.

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