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 The Vital Structure: 

Data Center Roof Replacement



This approximately 110,000 square foot, Factory Mutual Global Insured, roof encompasses a temperature-controlled data center. The owner had reported to Vital Structures that they were experiencing leaks at several locations within their facility. The existing roof system at the time of Vital Structures’ evaluation was found to be an inverted roof membrane assembly (IRMA).


Existing roof leaks were determined to be caused by deficient flashing transitions at building penetrations. Additionally, the hot applied rubberized asphalt roof membrane was found to be unadhered from the concrete roof deck, chemically incompatible with adjacent roof components, and was compromised in many locations, allowing moisture to infiltrate the building roof.





Vital Structures was retained by the building owner to perform a comprehensive evaluation with preparation of Design Documents for the new roof system. Vital Structures’ roof system design included a fully adhered PVC sheet membrane and roof top insulation to satisfy the requirements set forth by the 2015 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) and applicable Massachusetts State Building Code requirements.


The new roof system provides a new, thicker roof membrane than what was replaced. The increased insulation thickness has provided the building owner with an increased thermal efficiency of their temperature-controlled building. Additionally, the owner has reported that the leaking has been resolved.  As part of Vital Structures’ design, we included designated protection for the roof system from the regular maintenance which is performed on the many roof top mechanical units. Additionally, the new roof system was installed and tested to meet FM Global requirements for uplift. 

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