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The Vital Structure: 

Concrete Sea Wall Evaluation for Repairs


The sea wall at this property in Wellfleet, MA is a cast-in-place, tied-back reinforced concrete seawall, with an integrated apron slab and upper retaining wall system. This wall has been in place for approximately thirty (30) years, with a previous concrete waterproofing repair project occurring about fifteen (15) years ago. Vital Structures was retained to perform an evaluation of the existing concrete,  waterproofing, and joint systems.

concrete seawall repairs
concrete wave break joint system


Upon review we determined that the proprietary expansion joint waterproofing systems were severely weathered and torn in several locations, and as such, had reached the end of their serviceable lifespan. Additionally, the crystalline parge coat was observed to be delaminated across the balance of the concrete surfaces where pockets of retained water, salt, and debris had collected.  Wood walers and tie-back connections show evidence of severe weathering, corrosion, and partial yielding.





Following the conclusion of our evaluation, we determined that the existing waterproofing and joint protection systems have reached the end of their serviceable life and  should be replaced to extend the lifespan of the concrete sea wall.

heavily deteriorated cmu
delaminated parge coast apron slab


The owners have reported that they intend to hire Vital Structures to perform design of the concrete seawall renovation.

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