Project Type: Evaluation and Construction

The Vital Structure: 

Hewitt’s Landing Chimney Enclosure Repairs



Several of the building chimneys were observed to contain deteriorated structural wood framing/sheathing and deficient flashing at masonry through-wall and roof transitions resulting in building leaks.

Roof rafter to joist connection fastened
nail fasteners and two toe-nail fasteners


Structural wood framing including floor trusses, vertical wood framing members and wall framing connections were observed to be heavily deteriorated and rotted as a result of improper flashing details at the thin brick masonry through-wall flashing and wall/roof transition flashing. Water entered the chimney at these locations and traveled throughout the chimney/into the building resulting in structural damage and aesthetic damage within the building interior. 





Vital Structures performed in depth evaluation of six (6) of the building chimneys with contractor assistance to determine the extent of the deteriorated framing and structural damage of the chimneys. Vital Structures was asked to perform the following services:

  • Coordinate with a Hewitt’s supplied/qualified contractor to assist Vital Structures with performing destructive test cuts via vertical access to observe the level and extents of deterioration and deficiencies.
  • Prepare Design Documents inclusive of repair details, and technical notes for the contractor to perform the repair work.
  • Distribute the Design Documents to three (3) to five (5) qualified contractors for bidding on the project.
  • Attend a project pre-construction meeting at the site and prepare/distribute meeting minutes for all attendees.
  • Review contractor submitted material data sheets and shop drawings.
  • Visit the site on a periodic and representative basis to review ongoing construction and prepare field reports.
  • Close out project by verifying punch list items have been fully resolved and submit punch list report.
new wood framing for chimney
new thin brick masonry panels


New structural wood framing/sheathing with connections, as well as new thin brick masonry, associated flashing, trims, terminations, and chimney caps were designed and installed to provide a structurally sound and waterproof system. Services were provided from Evaluation and Design through Construction Administration Services to help provide quality assurance for the client.

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