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 The Vital Structure: 

Boston Tunnel


The existing concrete tunnel system is approximately 100 years old and acts as a conduit for utilities below infrastructure throughout the city.

Due to the age of the structure, this concrete tunnel has experienced years of water infiltration and concrete deterioration. With the presence of moisture and fluctuating hydrostatic forces causing water infiltration, much of the reinforcing steel and structural members in the concrete wall, roof and floor systems have corroded to the point of full section loss.

Our Diagnosis

Vital Structures was contracted to provide the owner with a design for restoration of the existing reinforced concrete structure and supporting elements.




Our Solution

Our design included positive side waterproofing via hydro-active grout injection, repair of deteriorated concrete from the tunnel interior, repair to steel support beams within the tunnel, structural component replacement, cleaning and/or replacement of corroded reinforcing steel and cathodic protection for new concrete repairs. Additionally, the tunnel was coated with a breathable waterproofing system, to protect the concrete from exposure to moisture sourced from the tunnel’s interior.

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The Result


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