Project Type: Evaluation

 The Vital Structure: 

Boston City Facade Ordinance Evaluation, Limited Fall Hazard Concrete Repairs, and Exterior Facade Sealant Replacement



The Belvedere Condominium building is an 11-story mixed-use building (plus a roof penthouse) constructed with structural steel frame, precast concrete exterior wall panels plus commercial grade, aluminum framed curtainwall window systems with architectural metal wall panels.  The overall building height, from the grade level to the main roof parapet (above the 11th Floor) is approximately 146 ft.   As such, the Boston Façade Ordinance 9-9.12 evaluation requirement applies for the building since the overall building height is higher than 125 ft.


Vital Structures façade evaluation was performed via a close visual inspection consisting of three (3) “drops” at the buildings East, Northeast, and North elevations for the full height, by swing stage.  The Southwest elevation was reviewed with a 150 ft. aerial boom lift.  The façade evaluation identified randomly located concrete spalls at the first, second and tenth floor levels at the embedded steel “hoisting clips” at the horizontal surfaces of the precast concrete elements. Additionally, it was determined that the existing sealant between precast elements, window frames, architectural metal panels, and other building features had surpassed its life expectancy and required replacement.





Concrete repairs included preparation and coating of the embedded steel for acceptable coverage and corrosion protection were specified by Vital Structures and performed by a qualified contractor to eliminate potential fall hazards at the Southwest (front) elevation.   Upon completion of the acceptable repairs, a certified letter was submitted to the City of Boston Inspectional Services Department and the City Ordinance Certificate was issued to the Belvedere Condominium Trust. In early 2022, we performed an evaluation via boom lift and swing stage to determine the details and conditions of sealant joints and surrounding conditions on the building prior to a full-scale sealant replacement project. This project is currently in the design phase and is on schedule to be completed in two phases in the Fall of 2022 and Spring of 2023.

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